Celebrity style spotlight ( Daniel Craig)

 Daniel Craig has a very minimalistic, and classic sense of style, but he pulls it off perfectly, and it truly fits his James Bond persona he gained over the years.

 So what can you expect from a 48 years old James Bond actor, than cool suits, and tuxedos, two things that Daniel Craig looks astonishing in, he knows how to rock a suit/tuxedo perfectly, everything from the fit, to the accessories, and I think him wearing a suit as James Bond was one of the most important reasons that made people admire his sense of style. 

 When he is not rocking a suit though, he tends to wear very masculine, and classic outfits, simple outfits like t-shirt and jeans, a fitted dress shirt and a sweater, a henley shirt with a cardigan, etc.. , which again suits his masculine James Bond vibe. 

 And his color selection is very minimalistic, he tends to stick with monochromatic colors ( Black, white, and grey), and if he is not rocking any of these colors, then he is probably wearing a subtle shade of blue, which I really like, because the more minimalistic your wardrobe is the more outfits you can create from your different pieces. 

 And I think one of the main reasons his clothes look really good on him, is his physique, it is not the look I am shredded kind of physique, it the subtle and fit kind of physique, he is not ripped, but he is not fat or skinny either, and you can notice that he has a good amount of muscle mass in his body, that is why his clothes sit on him nicely, because he looks lean and young for his age.

 The second reason is because he wears fitted clothes, strategically fitted, you don’t see him wearing a pair of skinny jeans, but his jeans seem to fit him well, so does everything else he wears, fit is king gentleman, it can totally alter your shape, and your look, so if you want to look taller, and more fit, you should do like Mr. Daniel over here, and wear clothes that fit your body type, and physique, and there is a lot of ways out there to learn what suits you best, but one of the best people to talk about this subject is the guy at real men real style, you can find him on youtube, with the same name I just mentioned, and I think he is one of the best people you can learn from if you want to build a classic sense of style like Daniel Craig.

 Finally in my opinion Daniel Craig is one of the celebrities that you can learn a lot from style wise, his style is so basic and classic, that anyone can learn from it, and rock it like him, I never saw him wear anything flashy that won’t fit on someone else, so you can always check his style out for inspiration and to build a better sense of style. 

 And here is a few of his outfits that I really like:

 Simple and clean, nothing need to be said here.

 This an example of his simple outfits, a nice unbuttoned henley shirt, with a grey cardigan, and a pair of jeans, and boots, simple yet elegant, and kinda smart in a very casual way.

 These are two perfect business looks, he really knows how to pair his dress shirts with a sweater, it all looks clean, and nicely put, and anyone can rock this to work in winter.

 He wore this jeans on jeans look perfectly, it looks rugged, masculine, and cool, plus here is a quick tip on wearing jeans on jeans, never wear a similar shade of jeans on both pieces, you can notice here that his jean jacket is a few shades lighter than his pair of jeans.

And here you can notice how good he looks in a suit, in the first look he is wearing his suit in a more casual way without a tie, and in the second picture you can tell he means business, he looks really professional, and chic, with the tie, and leather gloves. 

 So this was my celebrity style spotlight on Daniel Craig gentlemen, I hope you like it, and that you got to learn a thing or two from Mr. James Bond. 😜😁 

 Qotd: Who is your favorite James Bond actor? 🤔

 And please make sure to check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊

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    1. Yes he is, thank you! 💕😊


  1. Eugenia says:

    He is a stud and a class act!

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    1. Yes he is. 👌😊

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  2. All black suit 😮love it!

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    1. Thanks, and yes the suit is amazing. 👌


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