Outfit inspiration ( 30 August 2016)

 Outfit inspiration ( 30 August 2016): So I have been thinking lately of new ideas to implement to my blogs, when I came up with this idea, this will be like an outfit of the day but instead of showing me, I will show someone’s else outfit, and explain why I find it inspiring.  And since I talked about Mr. Daniel Craig AKA James Bond in my latest article, I found it fitting to start this series with him. 

 So as you can see he is wearing in this outfit his version of a Canadian tuxedo, in a classic, and perfect way. 

 You can notice he wore a jean jacket that is a few shades lighter than the shade of the pair of jeans he is rocking. And since we mentioned his pair of jeans, I must mention that they fit him perfectly, they are not too tight so he doesn’t look like an old guy trying to dress like a teenager or a rockstar, and they are not too baggy either, they are the right fit, they make him look great, and I assume they are slim fit. 

 Then he went and paired it all with a fitted navy blue henley shirt, and a pair of boots, to give it a really masculine, badass, and rugged vibe. 

 And the icing on the cake is the pair of shades he is wearing that make him look like a total badass, a persona he already built in his James Bond movies. 

 And in my opinion this is a look great for summer afternoons or summer nights, the jacket keeps you a bit warm but since it is a jean jacket it won’t get you all heated, and the whole look looks effortless and casual, but it looks really badass and well put in the same time, so it is great for going to a fun date too, because it will make you look like a style badass that effortlessly looks good, because it is not so simple, but it is not so preppy either.

 And if you are wondering where to get these items, well for anything related to jeans my go to place is levi’s, but shops like Gap, Pull And Bear, Lee, and Wrangler, all offer great jean jackets and pants.

 And the henley you can find almost anywhere, but my go to place on this one will be Gap, because their fits are great for almost all people, and for the boots obviously you can rock any pair of boots you like, I don’t have any specific shops on my mind, but one of my favorites must be clarks, because of the quality to price range ratio.

 So I hope you enjoyed the first post of this series, and I will love to hear your suggestions for more stuff you want to see. 😋

 Qotd: Who do you want to see next? 🤔

 And please don’t forget to check out my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo ) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊

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