10 tips for better hair

 Taking care of your hair is an essential part in the process of you looking better. We as men like to take pride of how good our hair looks, but I feel as if most of us don’t know how to take care of their hair. That is why I wrote these tips to help you along the way:
1. Shampoo your hair less.

 Hair shampoo is a detergent, so it basically removes everything from you hair, including good oils that you hair need, so if you keep on washing your hair with it, you hair will end up getting dry and weak, because it is missing on the oils it needs to grow stronger.

 The best way to figure out how many times you need to shampoo your hair, is to stop washing your hair with shampoo for a whole week, you can still use water and conditioners, but no shampoo at all, if your hair feels really greasy after a week then you probably should wash it, if not it then you probably can go a bit longer without washing it.

 The point here is for you to know how often you need to wash your hair throughout the week, but in most cases you don’t need to wash more than twice a week.

 I wash mine with shampoo once a week, every Thursday basically, even if it is not that greasy yet, but I do that because I use a lot of hair products, and I don’t want any products to build up in my scalp.
2. Use better hair products.

 On the subject of hair products, you should always be careful of what you use in your hair, bad hair products can damage your hair, or cause more strands of hair to fall on a daily basis, first of all avoid hair gel at any cost, and any other hair product that includes petrochemicals, because these hair products are cheap, and they are not good for your hair at all, and they tend to build up in your scalp quickly causing hair loss. 

 Try to invest in better products, like hair wax, you can find good and reasonably cheap hair products out there, that do the job just fine.

 And try to use hair products that include water in the ingredients, because these water-based products, are easier to wash out, and they don’t build up easily because most of it tends to wash out throughout the day. 

 And in my opinion American Crew is an amazing men’s hair products line, that you can never go wrong with, their hair products do what they say, and their quality is amazing, and almost all of them wash off easily. 
3. Rinse your hair with cold water daily.

 Since you shouldn’t use hair shampoo daily, you need to rinse your hair daily with cold water before sleeping, to make sure that all of the hair products you use in your hair wash off, because if you sleep with hair products in your hair, they will end up building up in your scalp while sleeping, so rinsing your hair will make sure everything is cool, and as clean as possible, but remember to use colder water, because you don’t want to boil your hair and scalp.
4. Condition your hair daily.

 This one goes along with the previous tip, hair conditioners are not detergents, so they don’t get rid of the good oils in your hair, they actually help your hair more by giving it more of the oils and vitamins it needs to become stronger, so conditioning your hair daily will help it remain strong and silky all the time, and you can do it in the morning before putting your hair products in your hair, which will let you have an easier time styling your hair, or you can do it at night before rinsing your hair, so you feel more fresh and clean.
5. Avoid sulfates.

 Sulfates are detergents that have been used in hair products like shampoo for a long time now, the problem with it though, that is too good at doing its job, it literally takes away everything that in your hair or scalp, and we don’t necessarily need that because we want some of the oils in our hair to remain there, that is why you should always check the ingredients in your hair products, and try to avoid sulfates.
6. Oil up your hair. 

 On the subject of hair oils, you can always help your hair to feel better by using hair oils, oils like coconut oil are really good for your hair, and can really help it in the long run, plus you can almost immediately feel that your hair feels silkier after using them, should you put oil in your hair on a daily basis though?

 No ain’t nobody got time for that, but you can do it once a week, your hair will appreciate it, you can put it in at night before sleep, and rinse it in the morning.
7. Use leave in conditioners.

 You can find these conditioners at any drug store, they are hair conditioners that you can use in your hair, and leave it there, it helps your hair stay conditioned through out the day, especially when it is hot outside, I tend to use it before applying my hair products because it makes the hair styling process way easier, and you can also use it as a very low hold hair product, when you are sitting at home for example. 


8. Don’t fry your hair. 

 If your hair drys out, it will end up looking really frizzy, and unhealthy, something that I assume you don’t want for your hair, that is why you shouldn’t dry it out by using a lot of heat, so whenever you are using your blow dryer, make sure you are using medium to low heat, yes it may take a bit more to get rid of the water in your hair, but it won’t fry out your hair leaving it unhappy. 
9. Be gentle. 

  When your hair is wet, it tends to be weaker, which means it can fall down easier, and hair fall is fine and all, actually you lose around 50 to 100 hair strands everyday, but obviously you want to minimize this number, so always try to be gentle when towel drying your hair, don’t keep on pushing and pulling your hair, and going in crazy motions, because that won’t dry it out any faster anyways, try to keep doing gentle circular motions instead, to till your hair feels as dry as you want it to be. 
10. Massage your scalp.

 Whenever you are applying hair conditioners or oils, you should take the time to massage your scalp, massage it by doing circular motions while applying the product, this will help more blood to flow to your scalp, which will allow your hair to grow, and rebuild itself faster. 
 So I hope you know how to take care of your hair a bit more gentleman.

 If you follow these ten tips I can ensure you that your hair will feel better, healthier, and silkier, you will love it more, and I bet even the ladies will love it. 😜😁 

 Qotd: what is your favorite tip? And why? 

 And please don’t forget to check out my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊

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  1. Pinotandpeeptoes says:

    Love the tips! I can’t wait to share the one about using water based products with my fiance because they’re easier to wash out 🙂 great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. 💕😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eugenia says:

    Great tips and works for women too! No sulfates, massaging the scalp, keep build up at bay. Wrap wet hair in a white t-shirt rather than a towel helps keep hair from the frizzies.


    1. Thanks, and yes I have heard about this t-shirt trick before, but I wasn’t too sure if it really matters that much, but obviously it is not as rough as a towel can be on wet hair.

      Liked by 1 person

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