Ootd ( 6 September 2016)

 I went out walking yesterday with my friend, we just wanted to enjoy some fresh air, therefore I went with a very casual look because I wanted to stay comfortable while walking.

 Accordingly, I wore my pair of camo shorts, which were the main piece of the outfit, and I love camo prints because they work with almost anything, plus they are quite unique, then I wore an oversized white graphic tee because I wanted the camo shorts to be the main center point, also you can’t go too crazy with camo so you don’t look like a clown who loves camo prints, then finally I finished it off with my pair of fashion sneakers from nike, again nothing too flashy, keeping your outfits simple is always the way to go.

 Actually, I was in a rush and I forgot to put on my accessories, but with such an outfit you can imagine that I wouldn’t go with anything too special, I would have wore my watch and bracelets probably just to make the outfit a bit more detailed.

 So this outfit is great for very casual events, let’s say you are going to a walk, going to the park, going out for ice cream, or even traveling, this outfit is quite comfortable and functional so you can wear it in many situations where you don’t have to dress up. 

 If you are wondering the shirt is from a brand in Malaysia called Padini, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I got the shorts from because I got them a long time ago.

 So that is it gentleman, I hope you enjoyed this ootd, now you can get your camo out and try to make out your own outfit! 👍😃

 Qotd: Do you like camo prints or not? And why?

 Also please check out my Instagram ( @tygxo99), where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


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