Top 6 fall/winter essentials.

Brace yourselves fall is approaching, and what is a better way to brace yourself other than getting all your fall/winter essentials? So here I am to guide you to my 6 top essentials, therefore you can look good throughout the entirety of the season.

 Here they are with no specific order:

1. A leather jacket.

 This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in winter and fall, you can put it on with a t-shirt and jeans for a badass casual look, or you can wear it with a shirt tucked in, a tie, and almost any pair of pants for a more sophisticated and formal look.

 That is why a leather jacket is one of the best investments you can do in the autumn/winter season, so make sure you invest in a great fitting leather jacket with great quality, because one great fitting leather jacket can last you for years.
2. A knitted sweater.

 Sweaters are the equivalent of t-shirts in autumn/winter, you can wear sweater with a light knitting in fall, and heavier ones in winter.

 They look perfect with a pair of jeans or chinos, and you can also dress them up with a shirt underneath or a polo shirt, it is so versatile, and if you are physically fit, it will make you look a bit more masculine.

 Monochromatic colors are the best colors you can go to when buying sweaters, because it adds to their versatility, and you can never go wrong with it.
3. A long sleeve t-shirt.

 Well let’s say it is fall but it feels warm outside, and you don’t want to overdress and sweat, in this situation a long sleeve t-shirt is your best friend, it won’t get you heated, but it will also keep you warm in case there is a slight breeze, and if it gets cold you can always throw a jacket on.

 There is a plenty of great long sleeves out there, just make sure the fit is on point, and the fabric is of good quality, because the better the quality is the better it will sit on you.
4. A jean jacket.

 Jeans look amazing with everything that is a well known fact, and that principle works on jean jackets too, you can wear them with almost anything, and they are an amazing layering piece, also it is usually not that heavy so you can wear it on warmer days too, plus there are a lot of washes and styles out there, so each jean jacket is a bit unique, and like leather jackets feel free to invest more in jean jackets because they also last you a long time.
5. A hoodie.

It doesn’t get more casual than a hoodie, and a pair of sweatpants or jeans, it is a very casual/sporty look, and it is as comfortable as it can get in the autumn/winter season, let’s say you are going to pick up some groceries, but it is cold outside, that is one of the times where your hoodie can be considered as a life saver, and you can always wear it under a jean or leather jacket for a more preppy casual look.

 Hoodies tend to be a bit more loose and relaxed than other kind of jackets, so it doesn’t have to be so fitting, just make sure it is not too oversized because you don’t want to look like a kid wearing his father’s clothes, and style wise you can go with any kind of hoodie you like, but remember the more simple it is, the more versatile it will be.
6. A pair of leather boots.

 There is no better season for you to put on your favorite pair of boots than the autumn/winter season, plus it doesn’t hurt that it looks good with almost anything.

 Boots range from casual to formal, and I will try to inform you guys more about them in another post, but my point is that you can wear boots with almost any kind of outfit, even in formal events you can wear Chelsea boots, and obviously they keep you a bit more warm, and they can survive rain and mud better than your fashion sneakers.
 So this was my top essentials gentlemen, I hope you know now what to get in your autumn/winter haul, so you look like a stylish beast throughout the season! 😎

 Qotd: What is your fall/winter essential? 🤔

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