Style inspiration ( 27 September 2016)

 A polo shirt with slacks combo is one of the best business casual outfits out there for men. 

 Recently I have talked about how useful polo shirts can be for work in summer, they are really breathable so they are great to wear on hot days, while it maintains a crisp look so you still can look professional wearing it.

 So here you can see that Mariano Di Vaio pulled off this look gracefully, his polo shirt is fitted which is a must, the sleeves are not too long so it makes his arms look bigger, and the slacks are also nicely fitted and cropped, a quick tip though, if you are someone who is a bit short, wearing slacks with a half-break down at the ankle will help you look a bit taller.

 Then he killed the look with an amazing pair of suede loafers, which look amazing, but obviously with this outfit you can wear almost any dressy pair of shoes and it will look good, you can go with brown shoes for a really casual look, or black shoes for a more formal look, then he wore a nice simple watch, a few bracelets, and a pair of aviator sunglasses, which frankly anyone looks better with a pair of shades on, and his final detail is that he tied some kind of fabric or bandana around his ankle, it is a part of his style and it draws attention, but for your normal everyday look you don’t need this detail, especially at work.

  So can you pull off this look? Absolutely, it is so simple and clean, almost anyone can rock it, and if you are wondering where to get these garments from, well for the polo shirt you can almost get from anywhere you want, just make sure that the fabric is not cheap or wrinkly, you want something clean and crisp, plus it must fit you really good because the better it will fit the more crisp and good looking you will be, and for the slacks you can wear any of your favorite chinos, or you can wear your suit trousers, for the accessories and shoes keep it clean and wear something simple like a watch and a bracelet, or a watch alone, with a pair of wingtips, brogues, loafers, or any dressy pair of shoes, you can even wear a clean pair of fashion sneakers if you want the look to be really casual.

 So this was my style inspiration for today gentlemen, I hope this inspires you too, and always remember simplicity is the key to creating elegant outfits! πŸ‘Œ

 Qotd: What is your favorite place to buy polo shirts? πŸ€”

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    Love the sty

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    1. Thanks! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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