How to rock a wife beater

  A wife beater is a bad boy style staple, although you can’t simply put on a wife beater and just go with it, unless you want to look like you are from a cartel or something, because wife beaters shouldn’t be treated like tank tops, and they should be dressed differently.
 First you should understand what is a wife beater, a wife beater is a really fit tank top essentially, it comes mostly in monochromatic colors, and you can kinda compare it to an undershirt, plus it usually comes in a ribbed texture, it is really form fitting and rarely leaves anything for the imagination.

 I believe everyone should have the right to rock a wife beater, but keep this in mind, since wife beaters are really fit, it will really show off your physique, so if you are someone who is not really comfortable with his body maybe you should skip on this one, or it can be your reason to get in better shape so you can look good in it, because the more fit you are, the more people will appreciate seeing you in a wife beater.

 So why you shouldn’t treat a wife beater like your tank top? Well simply because you don’t want to look like the guy who goes out with his undershirt on, because most people will look at your wife beater and think it is an undershirt.

 That is why you should wear it strategically, the best way to rock a wife beater gentlemen is to wear it under a shirt, flannel, or a jacket, that way everyone can notice the mad love you have for wife beaters, but they won’t think you are underdressed, and since wife beaters are really simple they can go with almost anything, from your white summer shirt, to your favorite leather jacket, it gives you a bad boyish vibe, and if you are someone who is fit, it can be a sneaky way for you to show off some of your gains.

 Finally if you want to take your wife beater/ bad boy game a bit further, you can wear a necklace with your outfit, any necklace that compliments your outfit, and other accessories, you can either show off your necklace and it will kinda be the main point of attention to your outfit, or you can wear it like a bad boy under your flannel, it is not so clear but if you zoom in on my photo you can notice that I wore a thin silver necklace under my wife beater to make the outfit look a bit more preppy and cool. 

 And here is a few examples I found online of ways you can rock your wife beater in, but keep in mind that it was really hard for me to find any examples so sorry if it is not the best quality pictures out there:

 So go on gentlemen, put on your wife beater, and show off the bad boy in you. 💪😎

 Qotd: Do you like bad boys’ style? And why? 🤔

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