Outfit idea ( 9 September 2016)

 So I am going to start this new series where I show you guys a few clothing pieces styled together by me in one photo, then talk about the features of the outfit.

 So for my first post I picked up this simple and cool outfit, I combined my Real Madrid jersey, with a pair of slim black chinos, then I finished it off with my silver watch from Casio, and two bracelets, shoes wise I could have wore almost any pair of sneakers and it would have worked but I choose my suede brown pair of sneakers from Pull&Bear because I wanted the whole look to be a little bit more smart.

 This outfit is great if you are going for a walk, the breathable jersey will keep you cool, while you won’t feel uncomfortable with the pair of chinos and pair sneakers because that is almost as comfortable as it can get.

 You can also wear this to a simple casual date, it is a cool way of showing your interest while staying stylish, you can rock this in your nearby coffee shop too.

 To recreate this outfit you can wear any of your favorite jerseys, with a pair of fitting chinos preferably black because it goes with everything, then finally just finish it off with a matching pair of sneakers and accessories, finally don’t forget to put your sporty perfume on.

 I hope you like this outfit gentlemen, and remember to keep it simple, yet interesting. šŸ‘ŒšŸ˜œ

 Qotd: What is your favorite sport team?

 Please make sure to check out my Instagram (@TheYoungGentlemanXO) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. šŸ’•šŸ˜Š


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  1. Could we repost this blog on our new website??

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  2. Eugenia says:

    Love the shoes and nice outfit.

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