5 things you need to learn about men’s accessories

 Details make stylish men stand out, and accessories are the coolest detail you can add to your outfit gentlemen.

 We all have seen these outfits where the guy is just wearing a simple outfit, but the accessories make him stand out. 

 On the other hand there is these guys who own amazing accessories but they just don’t know how to pull them off, it looks childish, or like they are trying a bit too much.

 So I am here gentlemen to teach you 5 things you need to learn about men’s accessories:

1. Accessories are not feminine.

 You won’t believe the amount of people that believe accessories are just for women, and as a man you are only allowed a ring, and watch.

 Obviously that is wrong gentlemen because for years and years accessories has been used by men in different tribes and cultures, even in the medieval age, to show status and wealth, and to till our day people see guys who wear golden accessories as more successful and wealthy.

 So men’s accessories can be a statement gentlemen, the icing to your beautiful style cake, so don’t be afraid to make your statement.

2. Don’t over accessorize though.

 Well unless the statement you want to make is I don’t know how to wear accessories, you should not wear a lot of accessories at once, try to keep your accessories count in check

 A nice watch, with two bracelets, and a ring for example is enough for one outfit, plus you can add a necklace or a pair of shades if you are feeling like it.

 The idea is gentlemen is that you want your pieces to stand out, so if you are wearing a bunch of accessories, like you stack 4 or 5 bracelets in one hand for example, people won’t appreciate that, on the other hand if you are wearing one or two bracelets people will appreciate them more because they can focus all their attention on the one or two pieces you are wearing, rather than feeling lost because they can’t keep their attention on piece, and you may think this is ridiculous because they can have the time looking at each piece, but that is wrong in most cases, think about it when people are talking to you in real life, or they see you across the street, they don’t have enough time to stop and admire everything you are wearing, so if they notice your accessories you want them to be able to notice how nice the pieces you are wearing look, rather than feeling a bit lost.

 So the best way to do this is to cycle your accessories, if you wore a certain bracelet today, try to wear a different one tomorrow, as long as they both work with your outfits, so always try to cycle through your favorites throughout the week rather than wearing them all at once.

3. You must know your outfit, and occasion.

 Well let’s say you are going to a funeral, will you wear a pair of red shorts, a white shirt, and wooden beads for a necklace, as your outfit to the funeral? Obviously no, you want to be respectful and keep it formal, that is why you should know when to wear certain accessories gentlemen.

 Let’s say you own one of these cool wooden beads necklaces, like the one you see Mariano Di Vaio wearing a lot of the time, so these necklaces are perfect for wearing casually in summer, throw on a nice shirt, and wear your necklace underneath, and all of a sudden you look like a cool style beast, but if you are going somewhere formal, you can’t throw on the same necklace, you need to choose something more dressy like a tie, or a metallic watch with a cool bracelet, so please gentlemen know your occasion before dressing for it.

4. No plastic bracelets, or any childish accessories. 

 Even though we like to act childish sometimes, and plastic bands were the rage back in the day, we need to eventually grow up gentlemen, and you always want to show people that you are a responsible grown-up man, so they can trust you, and rely on you more.

 That is why you should avoid any accessories that can view you as a bit childish, anything from plastic bands to neon necklaces, so stick with metals, leather, wood, and stones in your accessories, without any fun ideas like a sponge bob necklace, keep it manly, professional, and grown-up gentlemen.

5. Wear your accessories confidently, it shows.

 Gentlemen in men’s style realm, if you don’t wear your outfit confidently, people will appreciate it less.

 The same thing applies to your accessories, you need to feel comfortable and confident wearing them, so when people look at you they think ” This guy really loves accessories, and he is not afraid to rock them with his outfit. “, also in this way people will end up noticing your accessories more because they can sense you feel confident wearing them, and trust me nothing is sexier than a confident ( not egotistical) man. 

 So go ahead gentlemen put on your favorite accessories, and show the world how great they look on you! ⌚️😜

 The watch and two bracelets are from the brand Timexury, you can check the article I wrote about them a while ago here, and you can grab yourself a 15% off on your purchase if you use the promo code ( theyounggentleman15 ) at check out.

 Qotd: What is your favorite place to buy new accessories? 🤔

 And please check my Instagram out ( @TheYoungGentlemanXO ) where I post daily about men’s style, and lifestyle. 💕😊

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  1. vanmush says:

    Ah I like the way you mentioned the fact that over accessorize is not cool and it actually make the person admiring you style confused. I never even thot of that.
    My favourite retail accessories boutiques are Lovisa and accessorize I just love their timeless pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ya they are both cool shops but I think they focus on women accessories only as I remember, and thanks a lot for your nice comment. 💕😊


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