5 tips to rock your t-shirts better

 Not all t-shirts are created equally, therefore not all t-shirts necessarily look the same on you, but we all want to have that amazing t-shirt that you put on and you are like: “Woah! I look amazing.”.

 And that is where I come gentlemen, today I will tell you 5 tips to find your perfect t-shirts, and look amazing in them.

 A quick disclaimer though, these tips are not 100% my own, you can find similar tips online, and that is because a lot of people agree with these tips some way or another.

 So here we go:

1. Your t-shirt must be strategically fitted.

 Gentleman most of us want to look more fit and muscular in our t-shirts, but you don’t want to look like a walking talking sausage either, that is why you should look for strategically fitted t-shirts, a t-shirt that is snug around your chest, arms, and shoulder, but it flows and moves from the chest down, so nothing oversized, and nothing too fit.
 And I am not saying you shall never wear an oversized t-shirt ever again in your life, because we all love our oversized shirts, but you should follow this tip if you want to look more fit in your t-shirt, and basically dynamite.

 Length wise, the perfect spot will be between your belt, and the middle of your crotch, a bit shorter and you will look like a girl wearing a crop top, and a bit longer you will end up wearing a short dress, so make sure to keep your t-shirt’s length in the perfect spot.

2. Expose your triceps.

 If you want to look like a sexy beast with big arms, you need to pay more attention to your t-shirt’s sleeves, first of all the length, your t-shirt’s sleeves should set down comfortably on the middle of your tricep, because if it is longer than your tricep your arm will look smaller even if you are killing it at the gym, but don’t let your sleeves be too short either or you will look like you are trying a bit too hard to show off, the mid point of your tricep is the sweet spot. 
 Secondly you must remember that your sleeves should hug your arm, not strangle it, or let it go, when your sleeves are snug enough that there is no extra flowy fabric, but still you can move comfortably, that is the right fit, because again if it is too flowy your arms will look smaller, and if it is too tight it may look a bit off, or you end up feeling uncomfortable.

3. Try to go a size down.

 Always try to go a size down in t-shirts, because different shops has different fits, so when you go down a notch you might find that a certain t-shirt fits you better in that size, especially if the t-shirt is not meant to be slim fitted, going a size down may look better on you.
 Another quick tip, if the t-shirt is nicely fitted in all the good places, and you really want it, but the sleeves are a bit too long, obviously you can take it to tailor if you are willing too, or you can do the next best thing and cuff the sleeves a little bit, it will make your sleeves shorter so it exposes your killer triceps, and it may fit your arm a bit better now.

4. Fabric quality matters.

 Your t-shirt’s fabric really matters gentlemen, the more natural it is the better and less plastic-y it will look, and you should always try to go for lighter cotton since it sets on your body better, and also fabric matters because you don’t want to buy a perfect t-shirt then fast forward a few washes and it is already ruined, the better the quality of your t-shirt is, the longer it will stay with you.

5. Train your guns.

 Imagine yourself as a sexy clothing rack gentleman, the better your body looks, the better your t-shirt will look on you, so if you want to look better in your t-shirts, you should workout, the more you workout, the more fit you will look, the more you will see women ( or men whatever you like) appreciate looking at you in a nice fitted t-shirt.
 And don’t you dare say I don’t have time, because there is 30 min workouts out there, that are sure to make your whole body sore, so go find yourself a good workout routine or system, and start training your guns, so you love them more. 
 And here you go, now you know how to look like a sexy beast in your t-shirts, and if you are a guy who is starting a new wardrobe, you can never go wrong with simple plain t-shirts, and monochromatic or subtle colors, then you can slowly expand, and please don’t be a douche bag by wearing a collar that reaches to the middle of your chest, a bit of men’s cleavage is totally cool, just don’t go all out. 

 Now you can go and look like a t-shirt loving sexy beast gentleman. 😜😁

 Qotd: The good old debate, which is better, V-neck t-shirts or Crewneck t-shirts? ( I know they both look amazing, but for the sake of this question you can choose one. 😁) 

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  1. remotulliani says:

    Yeah.. I believe fabric always matters in the quality of clothing. Good clicks on style!!

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  2. Can t agree more with you 🙂

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