10 tips for summer style at work

 So I haven’t posted yesterday, because of two reasons, well first I needed a bit of time to research for this subject, secondly I had a minor accident yesterday so I wanted to rest a bit. 

 So we all want to look smart in summer, especially at work, but we don’t want to boil under the sun either, so what should we do?

 Well here is a few tips to help you look like the stylish beast you are without having to worry a lot about discomfort or sweat:

1. Invest in a great undershirt.

 It is summer so you are going to sweat even if you try your best not to, and while you are at work you don’t want your boss to see you with stains under your arm pits, it totally destroys your professional image, that is why you invest in a great undershirt, it needs to have a bigger collar so you can feel free to unbutton your shirt without it showing, because no one wants to see your undershirt, it is a totally kills your look, and it needs to be made of a cooling nice fabric, so obviously the more you invest in your undershirt smartly the more you will get, and there is amazing brands out there that create amazing undershirts, so do you research first.

 Bonus tip: If you are going to wear a white shirt, wear a grey undershirt underneath it, so it doesn’t be visible from underneath your shirt. 

2. Show your love to polo shirts. 

 Polo shirts are just perfect for business casual in summer, most polo shirts are breathable, light weighted, and they look really smart.

 Just don’t go with anything with a text on it or a wild print, try to stay clean and minimalistic, you want to look professional.

 And Ministry Of Supply, is a great online brand, that offer amazing business casual polos that I am sure anyone will love, they are a bit pricey but trust me it is worth it.

3. Take care of your bad boy down there.

 If your bad boy is not comfortable, you won’t be comfortable either, and we all know the feeling when it is hot outside, and your underwear feels all wet and uncomfortable, that is why you need to invest in better underwear, the more you take care of stuff down there the more comfortable you will be.

 One of the great underwear online brands that I can recommend is Tommy John, it is their goal to let you feel comfortable in whatever situation you are in, they use good breathable, stretchy fabrics, to offer you the most of comfort.

4. Take care of your feet.

 No one likes wearing long long formal socks in summer, as if it is not warm enough already, so what is the next best thing, well you can always start wearing shoes that are more fit for the summer but still look professional, like boat shoes or driving loafers, because these shoes are lighter, plus you don’t need to wear long socks with them, actually you won’t look that good if you do so, these shoes are meant to be worn with socks that doesn’t show, you can find these non-show socks in many stores, and they are perfect for summer. 

 And you can invest in a cool fabric belt that goes with your boat shoes or driving loafers while you are at, because like I talked before a belt and a pair of shoes with two different colors is a no no. 

5. Try to avoid black.

 Black will make you sweat more under the sun light, so even though it goes perfectly with anything, try to avoid it on summer hot days, try to stick with lighter color to minimize your chance of boiling under the sun’s heat.

 6. Go with shorts if you can.

 If you work somewhere where it is fine to wear shorts, but you still want to look smart and crisp, you can always pair a pair of chino shorts, with a crisp polo shirt, or a button down oxford shirt, a leather/fabric belt, and boat shoes.

 You will look smart and casual, and you will be able to stay comfortable under the heat. 

7. Keep a nice blazer/cardigan in your car.

 Yes it is summer, and it is mostly hot, but if you work in an office sometimes the AC is just a bit too cold, so always be prepared and have a nice blazer or cardigan in your car, that you can wear whenever you are feeling a bit cold.

 Cardigans and blazers are a safe bit, because they always look smart, and make sure they are black or navy blue, because that way you shouldn’t worry about it matching with your outfit.

8. Try to keep a small perfume with you at all times. 

 We all know the feeling, you go out of home smelling fresh, fast forward a few hours, and you don’t smell as good, so it is always good to keep a small perfume in your car, or in your desk, so you can always spray a little bit of it to smell more fresh through out the day.

9. Use hair products with higher hold.

 If you tend to use hair products everyday to keep your hair looking good, then I advise you to use hair products with higher hold, it is hot outside, so if you don’t use a high hold good hair product, your hair style will be destroyed in mins, and it will look all frizzy, so you need to use hair products like clay, putty, fiber, or high hold wax, to make sure everything stays in place, and you can always use hair sprays to keep secure everything when you finish your hairstyle. 

 But remember to always wash off your hair products with water before sleep, and try to use a hair conditioner daily, because all that heat outside can damage your hair, and leave in conditioner are also great to use before applying hair products so your hair stays conditioned all day.  

10. Try to stay calm.

 Finally this is a mental advice, try to stay calm through out the day, the more you stress the more you will sweat, so always try to stay calm, relax, and keep everything in check, we all have our stressful days, but try to teach yourself to take control, and be able to cope with anything without stressing out, the more you learn to stay calm the better you will be at making decisions, and being professional.

 So here it is 10 tips to help you withstand the summer heat while looking smart, stylish, and professional at work.

 I hope you find these tips useful gentleman, and don’t forget to stay stylish. 👌😋

 And the photos are taken from these Instagram accounts: 

  1. MarianoDiVaio
  2. RowanRow
  3. Magic_Fox

 Qotd: What is your favorite business casual item to wear in the summer? 🤔 

 And don’t forget to check my Instagram (@theyounggentlemanxo), where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


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  1. Vic Crain says:

    I’m toward the other end of the age spectrum, but there are classic summer looks that don’t seem to vary across generations, at least for men. Polo shirts and khakis (or the dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves) are standard American attire, and you advice to keep a blazer handy is quite good. Frankly, any V-neck tee short won’t show with the top two buttons of the outer shirt undone, so that doesn’t need to be a splurge. However, if you want a promotion, you have to watch what managers wear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I am happy to get a comment from an older gentleman like you sir. I am into classic style too, you can never go wrong with it, that is why I try to advice people to stick with it if they want to look stylish effortlessly. Honestly ya I agree that is a great way to get promoted, and the more formal you look, the more seriously people will take you obviously.


    2. I will love to read more comments from you sir, so feel free to check out my blogs whenever you feel like it. 💕😊


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