Celebrity style spotlight ( Harry Styles)

 Harry Styles is one of these celebrities with a style that cant be easily duplicated, and pulled off in the same way. 

 His style is very similar to the Rockers’ Chic, or basically what rock n roll idols used to wear, everything from the long hair, the tight jeans and pants, the spacious tops ( some times), to the many necklaces, and obviously the boots and heels.

 What I truly love about his style is that it is very simple, and minimalistic, yet elegant, unique, and nicely detailed in some outfits. 

 And most of the time his outfits inspire you to create your own version, and try something new, obviously you can’t recreate it same way, but you can create your own version of his rockers’ chic. 

 Do I advise everyone to wear like him though? No, for many reasons, first of all he is a slim/skinny guy so it is easy for him to wear his skinny jeans and pants, but for an average guy it will be tedious, you won’t feel comfortable, and your junk won’t appreciate it either. 

 Secondly his style doesn’t necessarily look good on everybody, if you have the similar shape and features like him, it will probably work for you, but again if you are an average guy like me, you are better off sticking with the classics. 

 But as I said a few minutes ago, even as an average guy you can get inspired by his outfits, and create your own version, maybe a comfier version with more space for your buddy down there.

 And this picture in my opinion really shows off his style, a spacious shirt, with like 3 or 4 buttons unbuttoned, necklaces, skinny black jeans, and his staple boots. It really looks nice on him and it fits his persona.

 And this is one of his outfits that you can easily be inspired by, it a simple black overcoat, with dark distressed jeans, a simple clean shirt, and chelsea boots. It is simple but he pulled it off elegantly, and you can easily create your own version of this, maybe swap his jeans with your favorite, wear a clean black or white v neck t-shirt or sweatshirt, your choice of shoes, and a pea coat or an over coat. 

And here is an example:

 From: http://fashion.allwomenstalk.com/sexy-and-stylish-mens-street-style-snaps

 So try to create your own Rockers’ chic outfit gentlemen. 🎸😜 

 Qotd: Who is your favorite Rock n Roll idol? Mine has to be the legend Alvis Presley. 🤔

 And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊

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