Formal suit accessories 


 I said in my previous post about formal suits, that I am going to talk about the accessories you should wear with your suit, but I almost forgot to talk about it, nevertheless here it is. 

 Obviously the two most important accessories when it comes to formal suits are your shoes and your belt. 

 Shoe wise there is a few options but my top three are oxfords, wingtips, and monk straps, they are classic and timeless, but you should always becareful that the color of your shoes works with color of your suit, black shoes for example don’t work with brown suits, and in my humble opinion brown is the safest color, it works with almost anything, and it is playful. 

 Obviously when it comes to belts, your belt have to be the same color and shade as your pair of shoes, and with formal suits you need to stick with leather belts, and please don’t be that guy wearing his suit with a beaten-up belt, make sure your belt looks perfect, it fits you, and the buckle should look clean and nice nothing too flashy. 

 Another important accessory is your socks, first of all they need to be long, you want to look formal so ankle socks are a no no.

 But you can have a lot of fun with your socks, you can go with patterned sock, but if your suit is patterned make sure that you are not wearing a similar pattern on your socks or just go plain. 

 Or you can wear socks with contrasting colors to your own suit, like blue suit and red socks.

 Next there is ties and bow ties, obviously it is up to you to choose between the classic tie, or the more playful and modern bow tie, for me I always have been a fan of bow ties but obviously I appreciate a nice tie. 

 When it comes to ties you should choose the right width of your tie, a bit too wide you will look like an old guy or a clown, and a bit too slim and it will look like you are wearing a string, the size in the middle between slim and wide is the perfect size, because it will make you look more stylish and youthful. 

 And in the case of ties and bow ties, they need to match your suit obviously, if your suit is patterned stick with plain ties it is safer, and color wise you can wear a tie with the same color of your suit but a different shade, or a tie with a contrasting color, again like red and blue. 

 And in my opinion black ties and bow ties are the best thing you can get, because it basically works with anything, it is a safe bet, and you can have a lot of fun with it. 

 And you can always have fun with the kind of fabric your suit is made of, you can go with suede for a matte cool finish like the bow tie you see in the picture, you can go with a silkier fabric so you get that classic shiny tie, and so on with cashmere ties, wool ties, woven ties, etc… . 

 Finally you can’t forget your watch, I have talked about the importance of always wearing a wrist accessory in one of my previous blogs, and this case is no exception , you can wear a watch with a leather wristband that matches your belt and shoes, or you can go with metal watch like mine, I think they both look classy with a suit, and obviously you can enjoy your bracelets, my advice though is to stick with wooden bracelets, bracelets with stone beads, or metallic bracelets, because they look best with a formal suit, and remember you want to look formal so nothing too flashy. 

 And obviously there is other accessories like tie pins, cufflinks, pocket square, and so on, but it will take ages if I want to write about all of these things, so I will keep these things to talk about later on. 

 So polish your shoes, wear your belt, and rock your suit gentlemen! 😜 

 Qotd: It is the age old question, ties or bow ties? 👔🤔


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  1. Eugenia says:

    Good looking shoes – great color, which goes well with colored socks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love them, they are comfy too, and thanks a lot for your nice comments and continuous support, I really really appreciate it! 💕😊

      Liked by 1 person

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