I need your opinion!

 I need your opinion! I have been thinking lately about types of posts that I can add to my blog and to my daily content, and I got something great Ideas that hopefully you will see soon, but I really need your opinion, so please tell me in the comments section below about types of posts you want to see more in my blog, such as celebrity showcase and spotlight, favorites of the month, hauls, fitness and exercises, reviews, tips or tricks about a specific thing, just tell me whatever any ideas that come to your head and I will try to do someone, so please everyone answer down in the comments section because I will really appreciate your opinions and your help. 💕😊

 And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😋


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  1. brandena1 says:

    Popular colognes for men

    Popular accessories for men.. How to

    Best styles for short men

    Best styles for tall men

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    1. Thanks these are all good Ideas, I appreciate your help 💕😊

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      1. brandena1 says:

        Awesome! Anytime!

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  2. Mindfido says:

    Its obvious u are a man of style…most especially i can see from d way u dress. Well i will suggest ur post hv no limit that is write on anything dt partains to us on style and fashion.

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  3. Corsica says:

    I’d love to see fashion week reviews or some celebrities doing men’s clothes love!!

    Corsica | kissesfromcarolina.com

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    1. I am not really into fashion, and I usually differ between fashion and style, that is why I don’t think I can talk about fashion week since that is not my thing, but I am thinking alot about celebrities and style so you expect more posts about celebrities’ style, and thanks alot for your comment 💕


  4. chixdejesus says:

    your OOTD i guess 🙂

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    1. Well I will try to do more for sure :3

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  5. Mmmm let me guess It’s better to diversify So that you don’t run short of ideas. Then with time you may find out something striking about some areas you feel really free expressing yourself about. And that would be it. Chao

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    1. Well thanks alot for the wise words, I appreciate it 💕😊

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  6. ahmedjabaifitness says:

    fitness and help alongside self improvement is what I focus on and would greatly benefit any reader. Let’s strive to make this world healthier and happier 🙂

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    1. That is a great idea mr. Ahmed, and I already started a fitness series, to teach people some exercises and to encourage them to get healthier and more active, and thank you so much for your nice comment. 💕❤️

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      1. ahmedjabaifitness says:

        Absolutely 🙂 You are welcome. You have a great day, take care, and God bless!

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