Being more photogenic: Step Three

 Alot of the models nowadays use technology and make up to alter their looks so they can fix any flaws, so should you do the same? 

 No I don’t think so, because these people are professional models, they need to look perfect in every shot it is their job, and there is a whole group of people that are working on making these models flawless, so unless you are a professional model you don’t need to alter your look using an app or such.

 And because this is your image, and this is how people see you, so you can’t show the world a flawless version of yourself in pictures but in reality you don’t look the same, and yes we all have that perfect picture that we look flawless in and there is no harm in sharing a nice picture of yourself online, but you should realize and accept the fact that in some pictures you won’t look flawless, and you should be comfortable with that, I am not against taking a flawless picture but you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it either, so you shouldn’t be harsh on yourself if you couldn’t take a perfect photo, because no one is perfect or flawless like they show you on the media, we all have our beautiful flaws, and you should embrace your flaw or fix it in the right way not by hiding it.

 But obviously you can always spend a little bit of time on editing your photos, not altering them, just editing them, for example by fixing the brightness and contrast, adding a certain text ( don’t be cheesy tho 😅😂), cropping your photos, or adding a filter to enhance certain colors or such.

 So always remember gentlemen we were created perfectly, but we weren’t created to be perfect, so love yourself, feel comfortable with your flaws, get rid of your insecurities, and embrace your looks, because there is something beautiful in all of us, and always know that your flaws shouldn’t be hidden, they should be embraced or fixed in the right way by going to a doctor for example or such and even if it is really hard to fix, it is worth fixing because it is an investment that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

 And I want to thank you for reading my rant 😁, and I am really thankful for all your support and love! 💕😊 
 And Qotd: Which one do you rather, taking a selfie or asking someone to take a photo of you? And why? 😁

  And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


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  1. Luxandrea says:

    Love them both. its just, sometimes you dont need someone taking a picture of you, why not take them yourself.(selfie stick)
    Technology has really helped alot. And someone taking a picture of you saves you alotta stress, whereas, you get to make several poses nd styles better than you taking the pics yourself. Still love them both tho, don’t know which over which. Amazing article.

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    1. Thanks alot 💕 and yes I agree they both have their pros and cons 😋

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  2. Doris says:

    Hey there! I think this step is my favourite out of the three posted. You are right we are all created perfectly however we all struggle with our own demons. But there is a certain elegance in our flaws and imperfections and what one person perceives as a flaw others can see it as pure beauty. So it is very important as you stated to love the person you are before hand rather than trying to make the physical person you are on the outside. Physical beauty can only take you so far. I really enjoyed the three steps… keep it up!

    Lets keep in touch! Cant wait to see your IG…mine is (dorisfitness) and my blog is if you want to take a gander. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks alot! Your comment really made me happy, and I cant agree more on what you said, and yes hopefully we will stay in touch because I really love interacting with my followers and I love gaining loyal followers that love my content so I appreciate your support alot 💕 and you can always check the questions I put at the end of each blog and answer them 😊

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