Being more photogenic: Step Two

 Your next step to being more photogenic is to learn, but what do I have to learn? You will probably ask.

 Well first you have to learn how the lighting can effect your picture, obviously in most pictures the better the lighting is the better the picture is, so you need to always look for a good lighting when you want to take a picture, nothing overwhelming though so you don’t end up looking like a white ghost, and a pro tip the best lighting you can ever find is the light of the sun, and what usually aim for is the times when the sun is not so bright just to give me that nice natural lighting.

 Next you need to learn how to pose confidently and with good gesture, and to do that you need to practice doing so on the mirror just like I said in yesterday’s post, and you need to teach yourself to be more confident and comfortable when taking pictures, because confidence is the sexiest thing on a man, so when you teach yourself to be happy with what you got and confident with it while aiming to be better you will be able to pose more confidently in your photos. 

 Then what you should do is to open Google or YouTube and search for tips and tricks to taking better pictures, because you can find alot of information in the articles and videos you will read and see, everything from the lighting of the photo to how you can look a certain way ( For e.g.: taller, thinner, etc..).

 And here is some tips to being more photogenic that you can learn, and that I gained through research so some of these tips are not mine but I find helpful: 1- Always elevate your chin a little bit up and move it a bit out to aviod any double chin action. 2- To aviod blinking infront of the camera flash you can stare at a light for a few seconds before the photo so your eyes can be ready for the camera flash therefore reducing the chance of it blinking. 3- Try to keep a relaxed face, a more relaxed face looks better in pictures and makes you look better in pictures, I am a victim of this since I find it really hard to keep a relaxed face while smiling but if you keep on practicing it you will eventually do it effortlessly. 4- If you don’t feel good about your smile because of something, like your teeth are not clean, or you have a crooked smile, you should fix it, yes it is expensive, yes it may be very annoying, but think of it as an investment for life, because as I said in a previous post your ability to smile confidently is an important aspect of being more good looking. 

 You can’t get nice things without learning and practicing gentlemen, so you better start doing so! 😎😁

 and Qotd: If you can take a picture with any celebrity in the world who will you choose? And why? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‹
 And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. πŸ’•πŸ˜Š


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  1. This is amazing πŸ’•


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