Outfit of the day ( June 30 2016)


 I wore this outfit to go for a walk with my auntie in Katara ( A beautiful village by the sea side full of art galleries , restaurants, cafes, and various shops), I wanted to wear something that looks nice while being comfy and light, because it is really humid in Qatar, so I went with a nice pair of sweat shorts, a simple graphic tee that is a bit oversized, and a pair of Adidas runners because they are the best option when you want to walk alot.

 And all the colors work together because they are all settle colors ( Maroon, grey, and navy blue), and because the grey sweat shorts offer a smooth transition between the maroon tshirt and the navy blue shoes, because grey is a monochrome color that works with almost everything, and that is why I usually advise you to stay with simple and settle colors because it will your style life easier by allowing you to mix and match between outfits almost flawlessly.

 And I am going to post these outfit of the day posts more often because it allows me to show you guys various outfits without having to think alot about what I should write, but obviously I am gonna still post my tips about men’s style and lifestyle, this is just a new type of posts that I am going to try to post more often.

 And for the Qotd: If you have the chance to travel to anywhere in the world, where will you go? Answer me down in the comments section please. 💕 


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