Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are a fun way of adding some edge to your outfit. Distressed jeans have been trendy for the past few months, because they give your outfit an edgy look that makes you look unique.

 And jeans are distressed differently making sure that each jean looks different, and obviously there is different types of distressed jeans, but for me the best three types are: 

 1- Jeans with a hole at the knees

 2- Jeans with small holes and threads all over them

 3- jeans with large holes that are covered with fabric underneath like the one I am wearing.

 And you need to becareful, don’t get jeans that are over distressed so you don’t look like you got your jeans from the trash bin.

 And I can’t stress enough how important it is for your distressed jeans to fit you, it will make it look good on you and it will flatter your body, so the sizes I advise you to try are slim fit, skinny fit, and cigarette fit.

 And try to stick with basic washes when it comes to distressed jeans, because if you wear a distressed acid washed jeans for example it might look a bit too much and it will be hard to pair with anything.

 And you should be careful while washing your distressed jeans because they slowly get teared more the more you wash it, so try to be careful while washing it and don’t wash them too much. 

 And don’t but alot of distressed jeans because they may go out of trend at any time so it is not the biggest of investments.

 So go ahead gentleman and add some edge to your stylish wardrobe. 😎😋 

 Qotd: what are you biggest dreams?

 And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


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