I know that in my last post I said that it is the last post about the 4 steps of innovation, but I feel the need to clarify why I talked about innovation. I talked about innovation because many studies show that it is the way of the future, entrepreneurial jobs have been offering many jobs in the past few years, and studies show that entrepreneurial jobs are creating the largest amounts of money between other kinds of jobs, therefore they are helping the economy.
 And entrepreneurial jobs work on innovation, let’s take the amazing company Apple as an example, they have been offering thousands of job opportunities in the past few years, and they are one of the richest companies in the world, and how do they work?

 They work on innovation, they are always creating new innovations and technologies, then they commercialize it to the world showing the world what they have created, and that is why Steve Jobs won the 2010 award of best CEO in the world.

 So if you want to be successful you need to innovate and give the world something that satisfy their needs, and you need to be good at commercializing your innovation to show people that they need your innovation and it will satisfy them.

 And innovation can be your way of leaving something nice in this world, because some people will certainly remember you for what you have created.

 Gentlemen the game has changed, so dream big, plan your way to success and always improve your plan and fix it, success is not achievable over night, but if you plan for the long-term you will succeed, and always think of new things that no one thought about before, everything from the light bulb to Apple was created by thinking of new ways to implement stuff, and of new things the world need.

 So go ahead be successful and leave your imprint in this world! 💕😃

 And question of the day:is there any suggestions that you guys have for my blog?

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