Let’s say that you imagined your innovation and visualized it, your next step is to dedicate yourself to this project.

 First thing you have to do is to dedicate a specific time to work on your project, and you have to be discipline and stick to your time schedule. Then when the time comes to work on your project you have to do your best, you have to perfect your job.

 But always know that you cant reach perfection, because you can always do something in a better way, for me perfection is the state where you feel so proud of your project and you can present it to the world.

 And you should always try to improve your project to make it better, and to make your vision more beautiful, but don’t over do it that you ruin it, you should always be sensible and considerate about your work and improvements on your project. 

 And it is fine if one of your projects fail, you can’t succeed in everything, because you are not a God, you are a human being and that is the beauty of being a human being, we are made perfectly but we are not meant to do everything perfectly, so if you fail once or twice or a million times it is fine just stand up and try again, try different things, and try new ways, to till you reach your destination. 

 And always believe in yourself, because your limits is set by you, but again you have to be sensible about it, don’t aim too far, put little goals for yourself and when you achieve them you can aim a bit higher and you go on with this cycle to till you reach your biggest goal.

 So go ahead and dedicate yourself to making your vision become true. 💕😋

 And you can also read my last two posts about imagination and vision. ❤️😁

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