Imagination is one of the keys to innovation. You can find and invent new solutions when faced with a problem if you have a big imagination.

 If you go two thousand years back and tell everyone that we will be able to fly one day, they will mock you or they will be in shock, because they believed it is impossible to fly.

 But when people like Abbas Ibn Firnas, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Wright Brothers started dreaming about flying and imagining ways and mechanics that can help them fly a revolution started, yes alot of their attempts failed, but if they haven’t imagined these machines, and haven’t failed, we wouldn’t have been able to fly now.

 And I advise you to read the story of Abbas Ibn Firnas ( An Arab Scholar) because it is really inspiring. So you should always let your imagination loose, get lost in it, and imagine new things, new pieces of art, new invention, and even new outfits why not (^-^).

 Training your imagination will help your brain function better because it is like a workout for your brain, and you will start to be able to find new solutions for problems that other people may not think about, and your imagination will help you be more unique because not everyone will have the same imaginations like you.

 And for example this huge octopus that you can see in the picture is a piece of are from a Chinese artist ( I am sorry I don’t remember his name) where he embodied the idea of pollution in this large octopus that oozes out oil, and in close you can see birds stuck to his tentacles. And you can see that this beautiful piece of art came from this Chinese guy’s imagination, where he imagined a nice way to embody his idea and present it to the public.

 And if you can, dedicate a bit of your time that you can spend imagining and getting lost in your own imagination. And you can draw your imaginations like Leonardo Di Vinci did. 

 And there is somethings that can provoke your imagination and help it work, and these things include listing to music, reading books and fiction, drawing, and looking at pieces of art and inspirations. 

 So don’t be boring and typical, let the kid inside of you loose and allow yourself to imagine! 😋🤔


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  1. Great post.
    My imagination is my source of creativity 😉

    Sabrina 🌻

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    1. Thanks alot 💕 and I will check your site hopefully ❤️

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