Being nice

Being a gentleman means being nice to everyone. It is a gentleman’s job to treat everything and everyone nicely and carefully. You should always take care of others if you have the ability to. And in return you will get love and respect.
 My lovely aunt ( @zainebkashif on Instagram ) saved this cat when it was paralyzed, she took it to the hospital and took care of the cat for a few weeks, and she named him Caspar, and now after few weeks Caspar is a brave kitten, he lives with the security guard and I have been checking on him daily for a while now because I am visiting my aunt, and as you can see in the picture me and Caspar became good friends in the past few days.

 And being nice to everyone is one of the best ways to make the world a better place, just imagine a world where everyone is nice.

 And yes it may be hard sometimes to be nice especially at moments of anger or discomfort but with patience you should be able to control yourself and behave in the best way possible.

 And always remember you can’t demand respect, you gain respect. And being nice is one of the best ways to gain respect. That is how I got Caspar’s love and respect. 😁 

  And being nice give you good vibes that everyone else can sense and see, which will make you more popular and attractive. 

 And obviously I don’t mean you have to be nice to the point of being ridiculous or nonsensical, you should be nice as much as you in a sensible way. And to do that you just have to behave in your best manners, and making sure that you are not harming yourself or anyone else when doing anything. 

 So always behave in your best manners gentlemen! 💕😊

 And please check my Instagram ( @theyounggentlemanxo) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


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  1. SheenDeQueen says:

    Such a kind soul and it obviously runs in the family. God bless you

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    1. Thank you! 💕❤️


  2. you are so sweet! a real gentleman!

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    1. Oh! That is so sweet of you! I am really thankful for these nice words 💕


  3. Fijay says:

    This is a great blog ….yes indeed …..a true gentleman:)

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    1. Oh that is so sweet of you 💕 thanks alot ❤️

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      1. Fijay says:

        Your welcome:)

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  4. You are literally so sweet and lovely! You are truly a gentleman indeed!✌🏻️xxx

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    1. Thanks alot 💕❤️


    2. I appreciate the sweet words ❤️😊


  5. Great tips for gentlemen!

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  6. Linda says:

    Lovely to meet you, young gentleman. I come by way of Dream Big Dream Often. Your blog is refreshing and inspiring and you are right about being nice to everyone. Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

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    1. Thanks alot, I appreciate your kind words 💕

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