Life is full of patterns. And some people study patterns. And others work on making patterns. And alot of people find beauty in patterns. That is why I believe that you have to learn how patterns work together. Because there is nothing more beautiful than the combination of two beautiful patterns.

 In fashion, the pattern is a template, a technical two-dimensional tool used to create any number of identical garments. And if you learn about how patterns work together you will be able to pull off outfits and looks that no one else can pull up.

 Obviously you cant wear an outfit full of patterns so you don’t end up looking like a clown. I believe that only one or two pieces of your outfit should patterned if you are going to wear a patterned outfit. For example if you wear a patterned shirt you have the choice of wearing a suit with a different pattern, a pair of plain pants, or wearing a pair of plain pants like chinos and a blazer with a different pattern with it. In this way you can look unique without looking like a clown.

 But you have to experiment alot because not all patterns work together so you have to learn how to mix and match different pattern, and you should never wear the same pattern on two pieces in the same outfit.

 And also by learning about patterns you will be able to see alot of stuff in a more beautiful point view because you will start to see patterns all around you and you will start to appreciate it.

 And if you are wondering where you can learn about patterns? You can rely on your good old pal google as usual to learn about works with what but you can also search for patterned men’s outfits and see the images so you can have a better idea about what works with what, but my piece of advice is to stick with classic patterns like pokka dots at first because they are easier to pair and then slowly you can advance into funnier patterns but don’t go too far so you don’t look like a silly kid.

 And socks are a great piece of clothing to show off some patterns on. For example you can wear a full plain outfit but bring some fun to the outfit by wearing socks with really cool patterns. It is a fun and easy way to apply patterns to your outfit. And it will attract attention! 

 And in my opinion one of the most trendy and fun patterns nowadays is the floral pattern. It is fun, unique, and it shows that you are confident and not afraid of wearing something bold and cool. But floral patterns can be a bit tricky so you should becareful, and I believe you should wear your floral pattern with a plain outfit because it makes it pop out more and it is more safe.

 So you should start learning about patterns right now! So you be able to rock out amazing outfits. 🔷👌
 And please check my instagram where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle @theyounggentlemanxo. 💕😊 

 And here is some of my patterned outfits: 


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  1. these outfits are so cool!

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    1. Thanks alot 💕 you can check my newer posts too, and answer the questions in these posts 😊


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