Packing your bag for your summer vacation 

There is alot of things that I believe you should pack with you if you are going on a vacation or a touring trip in summer.

 So some of these things are: 

 1- A pair of sunglasses obviously and I have talked alot about the benefits of sunglasses in previous posts on my Instagram.

 2- Few tshirts since tshirts are quite comfortable and breathable, and you can always go with more colorful tshirts because you are on a vacation why not but dont pair a colorful tshirt with colorful pants so you dont look like a clown a pair of jeans, black chinos, or grey/black sweatpants is always a safe bet.

 3- a casual shirt and a more formal shirt just in case so you can look chic if you go to a fancy restaurant or to a bar.

 4- Two pairs of shorts because shorts are amazing, they keep you comfortable and cool, and I advise you to take a pair of jean shorts and a pair of chino or sweat shorts because this will give you alot of options to mix and match.

 5- A pair of jeans and A pair of chinos, because jeans are breathable, cool, and work with nearly everything, and chinos are the perfect option when you want to dress up a notch.

 6- A swimsuit and I guess this one is self explanatory.

 7- A pair of sneakers and a dressier pair of shoes, because again you can see the same theme, sneakers are comfortable and breathable and you can walk alot with them, and the dressier pair you can use when you are going somewhere a bit more classy or nice.

 8- A casual belt and a dressy belt, and I guess you know why by now.

 9- Your cosmetics, this includes your perfume, your deodorant, your hairstyling product, etc.. .

 10-Your accessories, it depends on you but I usually take two watches and a few bracelets and one of my necklaces but this category really depends on you and your everyday accessories but always remember sunglasses and belts are a must.

 So I hope that you have a better idea now of what you need to pack in your bag before going on your beautiful vacation where you embark on new adventures. ✈️😜
 And I am in love with this amazing tshirt my lovely cousin got me from hype. 😍 So please go check her on Instagram (@hebaele ). ❤️

 And please check my Instagram (@theyounggentlemanxo ) where I post daily about men’s style and lifestyle. 💕😊


11 Comments Add yours

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    That’s a cool looking shirt :)!

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  2. I love it! 💕👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I love the fact that you love it 😁💕


  3. Hmmm….you can not imagine how it looks when we are packing for our holiday, baby stuff incl. our great dane and his huge bed, which we always have to carry with us, otherwise he would not sleep entire holidays. Horror…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine 😅😁 but nothing feels better than a nice holiday so it is worth it :3

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      1. Yes!!!!!! Fur sure!!!! Especially now, here in swiss is raining, its time to emigrate 😉


  4. kingarielz says:

    Love this post , that shirt is hot!

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    1. Thanks alot! I appreciate it 💕❤️


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