Being open minded 

I believe being open minded to an extent is an important aspect of being a gentleman.

 You should always be open minded to the idea of learning about and experiencing new things, you don’t have to fully agree with or appreciate these things in the end but you won’t lose a thing by learning and experiencing. This will help you to have a bigger perspective on everything which will help you make smarter choices or have stronger opinions which in the end will lead you to success or winning the appreciation of other people. And when you learn about other people’s beliefs and traditions it will be easier for you to accept it, and I believe everyone should have the freedom to do what ever they like as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or harm them. And with more acceptance comes more love and with more love comes a stronger community and society. So all of this comes from the idea of being opened minded to learning and experiencing new things a simple step that many individuals can do. And you should always remeber that if you want to change society you need to change yourself first! 

 I am a muslim but I really enjoyed seeing this temple because it looked beautiful and amazing and I enjoyed learning about their beliefs even though I don’t agree with them. But still I accept it and I won’t be annoyed by their temples or their practices or traditions as long as it doesn’t harm me because my religion taught me to appreciate other religions.

 So I wish from everyone to be a little bit more open minded which I believe will make the world a better but don’t be open minded to the point of losing your beliefs and traditions just be open minded to the point of accepting other beliefs and traditions because if there is something our societies need to learn it is acceptance. 💕😌 
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  1. KAIA says:

    lovely post 🙂

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  2. kamilion10 says:

    I love your posts!

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