Pants that offer comfort and class

 Do you love looking classy while being comfortable? Well chinos are the perfect pair of pants for you. Most chino pants are made of cotton which makes it super comfortable and it comes in a range of colors that is sure to satisfy anyone. And it comes in many fits but obviously the more taper it is on your body that better it will look. 
 If you don’t own a pair of chinos I advise you to try them out and if you are going to buy a pair I advise you to choose between these three colors (Black, Beige, and Khaki) since they are the easiest to style and pair with other pieces, and when you acquire at least two of these colors you can expand into more colorful chinos like red or blue chinos but bare in mind that colors like red and blue are harder to style when it comes to chinos and they run the risk of making you look like a clown. 

 And chinos are perfect because they can easily be dressed up with a shirt tucked in, a shirt and a blazer, or a shirt and a tie with a nice leather or fabric belt and some fancy sneakers or wingtips. And on the other side it can easily be dressed down by wearing it with a t-shirt or a polo with your favorite pair of sneakers like the outfit in the picture.

 And there are alot of shops that sell chino pants so I advise you to check more than one shop and get search for the best quality and comfort you can get for the amount of money you have so you have the choice of looking for your perfect pair of chinos in many shops.

 And if you cant find a pair that fits you nicely then you can always taper your chinos at a tailor to make it fit you more nicely and tailoring your chinos wont cost you much more but it is worth it since it will make it look more perfect on you just be careful don’t make it too slim to the point that you don’t feel comfortable in them anymore.

  So go ahead and get yourself a nice tapered pair of chinos so you can look classy while being comfortable. 👌😌 

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