Jean shorts are perfection

Can we have a moment of silence and appreciate how amazing jean shorts are. They are perfect to wear with anything and they can be dressed up or down to form outstanding outfits. You can rock them with a t-shirt for a perfect casual look or you can wear it with an oxford shirt tucked in and a nice fabric belt or a casual brown leather belt to form a more dressy look while keeping it casual and cool. But as usual your jean shorts need to fit you will not too skinny where it’s hard to move and not too baggy where it looks like you are lost in your shorts, also try to keep it simple and minimalistic so don’t buy anything too flashy or with alot of pockets or such. And when it comes to jeans I always advise you to invest a little bit more since good quality jeans will look better and last you way longer. Plus they are perfect if you live in a hot climate like I do because you will look good while being a bit cooler. And when it comes to jeans try not to wash them alot so they don’t lose their dye, a great tip is to put them in the freezer so all the smell causing bacteria die leaving you with a clean dry pair of jeans and when you take them out you can spray them with your favorite perfume and leave them for a small while to make them smell nice. And there is alot of great shops that sells jean shorts, but I advise you to check Pull&Bear, Cotton On, SpringField, or Levi’s but obviously prices vary between these shops. So go ahead and find yourself the perfect pair of jean shorts for you. and please check my insta where I post more stuff @theyounggentlemanxo, and make sure to give me a follow. (I will appreciate your follow and support 💕😊) 


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  1. SheenDeQueen says:

    They work amazingly for women too!! I love jeans shorts

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    1. I am sure they do, and I love them too! 😋


  2. pangie223 says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog — absolutely in love with yours! Excited to read more!
    PS – Yes, jean shorts are def the beeeest. I’m dying to get some Levi’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks alot it means alot to me 💕❤️


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