Ramadan Kareem

I wanted to wish everyone a happy generous ramadan. May all your prays be answered. And may it be a month full of peace and love all around the world. I wish all the best to everyone. And Enshallah (if God wills) the world gets better and better with each ramadan passing by. And for the non-muslims who are what is ramadan. Ramadan is a beautiful month in our islamic month where we fast daily from daylight to noon and we do that while praying and reading the holy quran so it’s a month full of prayers and worship. And people tend to visit each other so they can enjoy their food together and have a great time full of love and happiness. So it’s a beautiful month full of mercy, love, bonding, worhship, and peace. So I hope I described it good enough 😁 and Enshallah ( if God wills) I will be posting daily blogs about men style and lifestyle so I hope you stay tuned daily. I wish you all the best and may your lives be full of joy. 💕🌙 


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